Your New Website

DOES will register, host, design and build your website to be fast, light weight, effective, and easy to manage. Then we create your blog content and give Google time to crawl and index your pages. With analytics installed, we begin to measure the effectiveness of your content. As traffic comes in, we add the monetization model that makes the most sense for your business. Using the latest email technology, we opt-in email addresses and decipher engaged prospects. These users are then added to your email service provider's database for your campaigns. This will not only grow your audience, but it will increase your revenue exponentially.

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What you will get

A Lightning Fast Site

Built on WordPress and hosted on our servers, your site will move, and be primed for SEO and email marketing success. There is a runway of time involved, but this will prepare your brand for high quality organic traffic, which we can turn into real prospective engaged customers.

First Page Google Rankings

We can't guarantee top rankings for every keyword we attack, but you will see first page rankings for a lot of your content. We write with a strong understanding of what real users want to see. This is the key to what Google SERPs will favor when it comes to your content.

Site Traffic

If you are struggling to gain organic site traffic, our proven method will help you accomplish just this. Our model is a bit stringent, but it is for good reason; it works and you will get new eyes on your content. Just be patient and let the crawlers do their thing.

Scalable Email Revenue

Use SEO to grow your database, mail to it, and bring in the money. Try our method and keep your competitors scratching their heads. You will send less volume, make more money, acquire real opt-ins, and get a hold of your email deliverability once and for all.