What we do...


Do you mail lists?

Yes. We can mail data on your behalf, but only if the data provider is a responsible company. We are not interested in sending SPAM.


Do you run mailings on our behalf?

Yes. We can also run your offers to our database.


Can you manage our data?

Yes. We specialize in mailing and monetizing data, but again, we will only do business with responsible companies.


Can you send affiliate offers?

Yes. But we must create the collateral. We are happy to work with you and your legal department to ensure we meet your requirements.


Do you broker data?



What makes DOES so special?

We have a wealth of experience. We do not send SPAM. We reach the inbox because we put the consumer's experience first.


Can you function as a digital marketing agency?

Yes. We offer a multichannel approach, but email marketing is our specialty.


What kind of business is this?

We are primarily an email marketing company. Anything that centers around or relates to email marketing, we can do it.


Are you CAN-SPAM compliant?

Yes. Email compliance is our highest priority.


Do you mail outside of the U.S?

Yes. The requirements tend to be a bit more rigid, but we can help you legally accommodate international email marketing needs.

Find out more!

Contact us to answer any of the questions that we may not be covered here. We are happy to do so as soon as we can.